Apple Watch 5 (Click on image for details)

  • Watch, phone, and health/safety monitor all in one
  • Can automatically call 911 if it detects that you are in danger


Did you know that the Apple Watch has a variety of health-related features built into it? This makes it an ideal option for adults who want to continue living in their homes, but with increased safety! The Apple Watch 5 includes fall detection, EKG heart rate monitoring, and a sensor that can detect atrial fibrillation. The noise app (available on watch OS6 or later) can also detect when noise levels have risen to an unsafe level. Additionally, the compass app can show your direction and other locational details, even without wi-fi or a cellular connection. The cellular version of the Apple Watch 5 can also make international emergency calls. The Apple Watch 4 has many, but not all, of these features. Both the Apple Watch 4 and 5 can help increase your safety while maintaining your independence.