Video Magnifier (Hand-Held) by Eschenbach (Click on image for details)

  • Magnify text for ease in reading
  • Large, anti-glare screen
  • Portable
  • Red line for easy tracking
  • Scroll through text instead of constantly repositioning device
  • Optional base allows you to write underneath
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When my wife started complaining about difficulty with her vision, I first bought her a simple magnifier at the local drug store. It did help, but it definitely was not the easiest device to use. Then, I found Eschenbach’s hand-held video magnifier. What a world of difference! This device makes reading small text so much easier. If you’re finding that reading has become challenging and frustrating, this hand-held video magnifier might be well worth the price. It is portable and has a large, consistent screen with an anti-glare coating. It also has a built-in stand which will let you read without constantly holding the device. The device also allows you to scroll, so that you can read without having to reposition the device over and over. There is an optional base which will allow room to write underneath the device so that you can see what you are writing. You can even transmit images directly to a computer or TV screen for even more ease in viewing.