Sunglasses by Ray-Ban (Click on image for details)

  • Reduce glare from the sun
  • Increase safety and comfort during the day
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I used to think that Ray-Ban’s were just overpriced sunglasses that people bought as a status symbol more than anything else. However, I have recently learned that they are popular for another reason too. It turns out they are very good at reducing glare. After a concussion left me with increased glare sensitivity, I went to a Ray-Ban store and tried on almost every pair of sunglasses that they had. They had other designs that might be considered more stylish, but the wrap-around style of the Predator 2 combined with the time-tested G-15 lenses (which were originally designed for military use) cut the glare so well that I could feel my whole body relax in relief as soon as I put them on. If glare is really challenging for you, I would particularly recommend trying the Predator 2 sunglasses with G-15 lenses. (They offer other lenses with this model, so make sure you get the lenses that say G-15.)