Reacher for Dressing – Longer Version, 32 Inches (Click on image for details)

  • Reacher for dressing
  • Longer version
  • Possibly harder to control, but can also be good for:
    • those who are tall
    • those who want to use it to also pick things up


There are a variety of reachers out there, and they seem to be useful for slightly different purposes.

This is a slightly longer version of the dressing reacher on our site. This one may be a little bit harder to control than the shorter version, but it may also be more useful for picking things up off of the floor. Therefore, we think that if you need a reacher for both dressing and obtaining items, this one may be your best bet. You can use the grabber and/or the post to move and position clothing. And, you can also use the grabber part of this reacher to obtain items in hard to reach places. Additionally, the magnetic tip can be useful for picking up any metal items, such as coins.