Night Vision Glasses by Soxick (Click on image for details)

  • Reduce glare from headlights and streetlights
  • Increase safety and comfort while driving at night
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If glare is a challenge for you, then you need to think about glare during the day *and* the evening. Especially when driving, night vision glasses can be helpful to keep you independent and on the road. I am now much more sensitive to glare than I used to be, thanks to a concussion, and I realized that the glare at night from headlights is particularly bothersome, so much so that I have often been tempted to wear my sunglasses at night. (However, that is definitely NOT safe! Don’t try that!) These night vision glasses, on the other hand, do a great job at cutting glare but still allowing in enough light so that you can see and be more comfortable at the same time!