Wine Saver by Vacu Vin (Click on image for details)

  • Keep your wine fresh
  • Reduce waste of great wine
  • Light-weight
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In moderation, wine can be healthful, but how do you keep your wine when you’ve only had a glass and you do not want to have to pour the rest down the drain? In case you and your guests can’t quite finish off that bottle of wine, these vacuum wine stoppers are fantastic! They are very light-weight and the vacuum action helps keep your wine fresh longer. There is some effort required to pump the vacuum to remove the extra air from the wine bottle. If this is challenging, you could try putting the wine bottle on a flat surface that is lower so that you can get more leverage. I love that these are easy to open as well. You can simply give the knob on the top a little push, which decreases the vacuum effect, and then it is easy to pop the stopper right out.  Information on wine and health from Dr. Gourmet, “Alcohol in a Mediterranean Diet.