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This website was created by a husband and wife team in the Greater Boston area. He is an occupational therapist who got his Master’s degree at Tufts University and currently works in the seating and mobility industry. He is also certified as a Home Assessment and Safety Therapist (HAST). She has her Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science/Health Fitness from Bridgewater State University, has worked for the YMCA, has been the Fitness Director of a fitness center for adults, and cared for her aging grandmother for five years who aged in place in her home.

The couple discovered they have a mutual passion for assistive technology and finding creative ways to help people function within their daily lives at the highest level possible. They created this website in order to help connect people to the amazing resources available within our community in the greater-Boston area and beyond.

If you have a question on this topic, a comment, or know of a resource to add, please feel free to call us at 508-658-0178 or email us at: info@abilityaction.com