Aging in place includes your home and your body

The average cost to make the basic changes to improve a home so someone can age in place is around $2000. That’s not a little money but its not alot. Adaptions such as simple grab bars, non-slip treads on floors or stairs, bright lights, especially at the top and bottom of exterior steps or under cabinets in kitchens, and other simple adaptations can make a big difference for improving the livability of a home as we age.

But one thing we haven’t talked about cost nearly no money and yet might have the biggest impact of all: Strength Training!

No matter your age, strength training can have a big impact on your ability to stay strong, get along with little to no extra assistance, and be able to stay independent. It takes surprisingly little money but has a very big impact. In the following articles we’ll cover some of the “how to” of strength training. But for now let’s cover the “why.” For that, we’d like to introduce Dr. Ken D. Berry, MD, who has recorded this 8-minute video. In case you’d like to read more, the video includes references to support what he says. You can find the original video and the references on Dr. Berry’s YouTube channel.

13 Strength-Training Benefits for Seniors (Why Build MUSCLE after 50?) by Dr. Ken D. Berry, MD